I’m an early bird so for me, the night is for sleeping not for eating. But that changes every time I come to Hoi An. It just gets absolutely beautiful here after a dark with lanterns lighting the sky and with candles creating special moody atmosphere. You can see: travel to Vietnam

Enjoy Cao Lau in Hoi An

There are hundreds of Cao Lau spots in this city so you don’t know which one would be the best. If you’re reading this essay, congratulation! The only thing you have to do is follow it.
Walking along the ancient town, it is easy to see the name of “cao lau” on some high eye-catching restaurant sides. Cao Lau has long been regarded as an exemplary dish of Hoi An cuisine. According to cultural researchers, Cao Lau appeared in Hoi An during the 17th century when the first Hoi An trading port was established and the foreign merchant ships came to exchange goods. 

Chicken rice
After strolling around Hoi An, your appetite is likely to be stimulated. How about we try chicken rice? Apparently, rice with chicken does not seem very appealing to you in the first though, especially among the different variety kinds of food has to offer but let’s try it in Hoi An. it resembles the salad, it is very light with the special herbs. A plate of chicken rice is characterized by the moderate stickiness and fragrant rice. The succulence of chickens, the crunchiness and sour taste papaya, the bitterness and spiciness of Vietnamese chilies combined in a pretty plate what makes you fall in love immediately. One of the interesting things in chicken rice is you will see the skins of the animals like chicken and other parts that you’re not used to using in your country. But trust me, you will be satisfied. See more Best deals to Vietnam

 Vietnamese crepe- Banh Xeo
It is a small town and just takes you a half day to visit, but for Hoi An cuisine, if you find out deeply, let’s spend more time. Not only having the local food, Hoi An is an ideal spot for other region’s cuisines. As above, you know about Ba Le well- where the locals come to bring water to cook some delicious food, and in Hoi An, a restaurant with that name is also very attractive thanks to its special menu. When first hearing about nem lui, nem nuong, banh xeo or ram cuon, many people will think of South influence dishes. Banh xeo (Vietnamese crepe) is a rustic pancake of Vietnam however each region has own taste and technique to make it. Banh xeo in Hoi An requires a lot of meticulousness and practice. The pure rice flours create the original and distinctive fragrance of the dish. Fresh bean sprouts and shrimps will be added inside the cake layer. Some people say that the sizzle of the batter mixing hot oils is the inspirations behind this pretty name of the cake.
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