Are you eager to find out about Cambodia's capital Phnom Penh? So you know a lot about Phnom Penh tourist attractions to plan your visit? See more: Angkor Wat full day tour

Visit Royal Palace of Cambodia

This architecture was built by the Royal Family of Cambodia more than a century ago to serve the needs of ordinary life as well as welcoming international guests and perform some royal ceremonies. 

Together with the Silver Pagoda, this royal architectural style has been combined with many different structures, with old gardens that have been carefully tidied and trimmed and created a symbolic representation of the country. 

Visit National Museum of Cambodia

The National Museum was designed and built by architects George Groslier and Ecole des Arts Cambodgiens in 1917. Although designed by two French architects, the museum's overall architecture features the specific tradition of the Khmer people.

This is the most famous Phnom Penh tourist destination and preserves tons of the artifacts demonstrating a Cambodian’s cultural uniqueness. 

Seeing local market in Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh is the capital and largest city of Cambodia. The city still retains many unique French architectural buildings combined with new large avenues, picturesque coastal scenery and friendly locals. And it seems that no better place to help visitors immersed in the culture - local activities of the Cambodians than the traditional markets. Indochina Travel Cambodia

Night Market is the most comfortable place to stay in Phnom Penh.This is where local people as well as tourists come to buy some traditional clothing, enjoy street food’s attractions. In the evening, you can choose a cool place to organize the picnics and outdoor parties with friends. Another highlight of the night market is the beautiful traditional dance performances. 


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